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Good Autumn Weather Should Help 2013/14 Prices

Friday, 31 May 2013 at 12:41pm

The 2012/13 summer drought meant that farmers took a knock this year, so we were all grateful to see some rainfall across New Zealand in autumn, in the South Island in particular.  The South Island benefited well from the rain with good pasture recovery, and the Waikato also got back to normal pasture cover and growth rates - even better than normal for that time of the year.  Of course the warm weather we had during autumn was the cause of this and was fantastic for farmers, with autumn temperatures being amongst the warmest felt in the country for some time.

Now with global demand for dairy commodities on the rise, whole milk products in particular, milk prices are looking good for 2014.  China in particular has increased its imports of WMP, with latest statistics showing an incredible 49% increase in the three months to March compared with the same period last year.  This is great news for farmers who can expect higher milk prices in the coming months.

So now is the time for farmers to put weight and condition back on their cows and get them into a good shape for next year.  This will enable farmers to capitalise on the forecast payout of $7.00 per kgMS for the coming season.  This is $1.20 per kgMS more that the forecast payout for the 12/13 season.  Assuming a normal weather pattern for the coming season and will see very strong financial performance on farm achieved.  

Visit our production history page to find out more information about our Waibury farm's KPI's per hectar and per cow.