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April Dairy Update

Friday, 18 April 2014 at 1:26pm

April saw some good rainfall across the country, which was a welcome relief for some drought hit areas. All our farms are reporting good feed conditions allowing milking to continue into the autumn and Winter feed crops look to be in excellent shape in the South Island.

Autumn calving is already underway in the northern regions of New Zealand, and bobby calves are being offered in increased numbers at sale yards.

This year’s milk production figures are tracking to be 11% this season, as the record payout, dairy expansion in the South Island and optimism on future prospects has driven the huge milk flow.

Work has started on Fonterra’s new $200 million dryer at Paihiatua as they look to boost powder producing capacity.

Nationally average yield per cow is now a record at close to 375kg/ms per head and shows progress being made in genetic gain and good returns are being achieved by better grass management and

Some exciting news has come out this month that scientists are reporting that they have identified the gene that affects milk composition levels so breeding for low fat milk could become a real possibility in the future. Watch this space.