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July Dairy Farming Update

Friday, 31 July 2015 at 12:07pm

This month saw prices drop again at the Global Dairy Trade.   A drop in price was expected but not quite to the extent we have seen in July.  The drops have been a significant blow for dairy farmers.  Unfortunately there is little evidence US and European farmers are reducing production so a slowdown in the world’s supply of dairy commodities will not be happening any time soon. Although finance minister Bill English is confident that dairy prices will pick up, believing that prices must be “somewhere near the bottom”. A $5.25 payout has been predicted, but this is dependent on WMP recovering to $3500/tonne by the end of the year.

We saw temperatures plummet again with fresh snow and heavy frosts in the South Island.  The west side of the North Island experienced very heavy flooding, especially in the Wanganui-Manawatu region. Other parts of the North Island, such as Waikato dairy farmers, saw good pasture growth rates.

This month is also calving season for most North Island farms, one of the busiest times of the year for New Zealand farms.  So far this has gone well on all our farms.

On a positive note, Federated Farmers and Dairy NZ ran a survey to quantify just how committed farmers are to solving the sectors environmental issues. The survey showed that NZ farmers have invested around $18,000 per farm per year on environmental issues.