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January Dairy Farming Update

Friday, 29 January 2016 at 12:15pm

We have seen some good rainfall in the north, more than was expected in an El Nino cycle, and the last week of January saw some rain in the dryer South which helped lift pasture growth in this area. Pasture growth rates are where they need to be to ensure production targets are not compromised.  New Zealand dairy farmers will be focused on body condition scores and monitoring of young stock to make sure they meet growth rate targets.

The GDT has been down again this month but some banks are still optimistic of a $6+ payout in 2017. other analysts believe it will take longer for prices to lift, given cheap global grain prices and the weakness of many world economies.

Despite the ongoing effects on farmers’ cash flow, New Zealand farmers are very resourceful and most have been managing the last two seasons keeping their costs down with these lower prices in mind.  Farmers in all provinces provide fantastic support and advice in these tougher times.