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Dairy Farming NZ April 2017 Update

Friday, 28 April 2017 at 2:47pm

Photo of cow for Dairy Farming april 2017 blog



This month the tail end of two tropical cyclones soaked the North Island of New Zealand and the top of the South Island.  This was great for parts of the Canterbury region which have been pretty dry over summer. Thanks to the plentiful rain, pasture growth is looking good across the country, and Canterbury is looking very green compared to this time last year.


Strong milk flows look to continue right to the end of the season, compensating for the slow spring.


The global milk auction returned more positive results this month, especially with whole milk powder lifting by 2.4% to $2924US, and closing in on $3000/tonne.  Analysts have noted that the recent lower dairy prices have brought more buyers from different countries back into the market.  This increased competition for product has reignited values.  Rabobank was positive about next year’s prospects, citing slow global production and strong Chinese imports for their $6.25/kg ms forecast for the 2017/18 year.  This years payout will probably stay at around $6/Kg ms.


More positive news this month came from agricultural scientists who are undertaking a study to reduce nitrate leaching from dairy stock.  The study has disproven the "simplistic" assumption that the more dairy cows on a farm the higher the nitrate leaching. It also suggests an increase in cows could actually reduce nitrate leaching.   DairyNZ principal scientist John Roche stated that “The conclusion of the research  is important for dairy farmers because it  gives them more options to manage their farm systems to achieve profitability as well as providing another tool to manage environmental regulatory compliance”.  Read the full Stuff article here.