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June 2017 Dairy Farming New Zealand Update

Friday, 30 June 2017 at 3:48pm

June saw the arrival of winter and we experienced many cold, wet days across the country.  This meant feed demand was high for those stock without much shelter.  


Animals are now settling into their winter breaks as managers strive to regain condition back onto the cows before calving.


June 1st was the annual New Zealand Gypsy day.  This is when the new dairy season starts around the country and thousands of sharemilkers pack their cows into stock trucks and move equipment and families to new farms. This year saw an increase in movements around the country, as share milkers look to improve their lot by changing farms, in the search for better profits and improved herd equity.


In the Global Dairy Auctions this month, at the beginning of June prices lifted for the 6th time in a row thanks to cheese and butter demand, although as some analysts predicted, whole milk powder did ease in price by nearly 3%.  The last auction for the month saw a slight fall in price, but only by 0.8% although prices for both WMP and cheese dropped by over 3%.  Fonterra plans to sell about 25% of its processed dairy products through the auction system this year, and this platform is now the dominant force in establishing values in the dairy sector.


Analysts report that a reversal in the health status of dairy fats is helping the market, and butter prices were at record levels both at auction and in Oceania price listings.  Fonterra also announced it is expanding its plant at Te Rapa to meet Asian demand for cream cheese and butter.