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Fonterra Milk for Schools marks fifth anniversary

Wednesday, 28 February 2018 at 1:11pm

Fonterra provided nearly 20 million packs of milk free to 145,000 primary school students last year as part of its Milk for Schools scheme, now in its fifth year.  To mark the fifth year, former All Black captain Richie McCaw flew special helicopter milk runs to schools. 

New Zealand dietary guidelines recommend school children drink two to three servings of milk per day.

A Massey University study led by the School of Food and Nutrition's Professor Marlena Kruger last year found children who attended schools that participated in Fonterra Milk for Schools had significantly better bone health than those who didn't.

Other research conducted by academics at the University of Auckland concluded that more children consumed at least the recommended minimum amount of dairy products after milk was supplied through the programme.

In 2012, 119 schools had signed up to Fonterra Milk for Schools; by last year that figure had increase to 1431.

As well as encouraging kids to drink more milk, the Fonterra Milk for Schools programme aims to help teach them about sustainability.

The milk comes in tetra packs which are recycled into different materials in Thailand. Some are used to make school books and others roof tiles. They are sent overseas because New Zealand doesn't have a tetra recycling machine.

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