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August 2019 Global Dairy Price

Wednesday, 21 August 2019 at 3:05pm

The global dairy price index dipped slightly overnight.

The Global Dairy Trade (GDT) price index was down 0.2% compared to the previous event.  However, whole milk powder price rose 2.1% to US$3,100/metric tonne.  Butter, AMF and skim milk powder prices finished lower than the previous auction


Key results:

• AMF index down 3.7%, average price US$5,061/MT

• Butter index down 3.4%, average price US$4,025/MT

• BMP not offered

• Ched index up 0.8%, average price US$3,857/MT

• LAC index down 3.7%, average price US$740/MT

• RenCas index down 8.1%, average price US$6,348/MT

• SMP index down 0.3%, average price US$2,478/MT

• SWP index not available, average price not available

• WMP index up 2.1%, average price US$3,100/MT