Saturday, 28 May 2022

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Chilterra Investment

Farm Description

Waibury owns a shareholding in a Chilean dairy farming company through a New Zealand investment vehicle. The Chilean company, Chilterra, owns and operates six dairy farms on 1091 hectares and a further 3144 hectares of dairy support land. Some 300 hectares of this support land will be converted to dairy farming by the end of 2011. The six dairy farms are fully developed and currently support 3300 cows.

Chilterra is a joint Chilean/New Zealand enterprise with technical expertise provided by Kiwi investors for the Kiwi pastoral farming system practiced. The company is managed by Chilean business partners, and governed by directors from both countries.

The farms are within 100Km radius of Osorno in Region X of the South geographical zone. This area is known for its dairy farming and similarities to New Zealand soils and climate. It also boasts eye-catching scenery.

Chilterra is currently in a development and expansion mode, through further conversion of land the company owns to dairy farming. The building of dairy infrastructure and breeding of additional livestock are priorities of the company’s business plan.