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Mark Holland
Managing Director

Mark and Heather Holland have been farming together for 22 years. From 1990 to 2000 the couple spent 10 years as sharemilkers on a 720 cow farm at Orini, in the Waikato, which saw them produce up to 229,000 kgMS per annum. They also leased a 1018 ha station where they farmed 1400 ewes, 600 bulls and steers and grazed up to 640 dairy heifers and cows.

In mid 1999, Mark and Heather committed their long term future to farming and paid deposits on three properties in the South Island. At this time equity partnerships were a rarity. However, prior to settlement, an equity partnership was formed with five off-farm and two on farm investors and an additional $3,000,000 extra equity was raised. Of the five off-farm investors that injected funds initially, four are still investors in Waibury. Since those early years more investors have joined the Waibury Group and with that have significantly increased the equity capital involved in the company.

Mark Holland operated Westhaven upon arrival in June 2000 milking 1100 cows through a 50 rotary milking platform producing 356,000 kgMS. Over the period of next five years Mark grew Westhaven to increase production to 532,000 kgMS from 1430 cows. Improvements to the operation during that time also included the installation of a second 50 rotary milking platform, 4 new houses and 2 centre pivot irrigation systems to increase the effective hectares from 412 (under the previous border-dyke system) to 458 out of a total of 496 hectares.

While undertaking the capital development of Westhaven/Stonehaven farms the Hollands were also actively involved in ensuring that Waibury’s business model was implemented and that the company continued to grow. Waibury enjoyed significant growth over this period with two of the original properties being sold and five more purchased. Since 2005 a further five dairy and/or dairy support units have been purchased in the Culverden area. Productivity within the company has grown from 2100 cows producing 662,000 kgMS on 978 effective hectares to 2,800,000 kgMS from 2049 effective dairy hectares.

Under a changed structure in mid 2005, the Holland’s have no longer been on- farm operators. However, Mark continues in the role of Managing Director and focuses on growing Waibury and assisting the on-farm equity operators to enhance their operations and improve the assets of Waibury. Mark and Heather Holland, via their family trust, continue as significant investors in Waibury Farms Limited.

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