Tuesday, 23 July 2024

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Equity Managers

Becoming an Equity Manager with the Waibury Group is a great step towards owning a farm.

It is a proven way to start the farm ownership process with less stress and investment than buying a farm outright. Often an Equity Manager will bring stock, cash or equipment into the agreement as capital, although this is not compulsory. We have an independent valuer value any stock or plant at the start. An agreement to have first option to buy back the stock at the end of the business relationship can be considered.

After the syndicate is setup, the Equity Manager will have responsibility for achieving both financial and production targets of the farm. A major part of this is the day to day farm operations management: drawing on the Equity Manager's skills and experience, as well as his and her energy and hard work.

The Equity Manager will be backed and supported by the experienced team at Waibury Agricultural Investments. This team of experienced professionals will provide guidance ranging from hands-on farming to financial management where needed. This could be farm systems management and development from irrigation of effluent to feed systems, as well as strategic planning and financial forecasting. When Waibury partners with an Equity Manager, there is substantial support and guidance provided, as this team each have a shareholding in the business.

All investors in the farm receive shares in proportion to their investment. The Equity Manager will receive shares in proportion to their investment. The Equity Manager will receive dividends paid as to the other shareholders. When the value of the property and the business goes up all partners including the Equity Manager is paid for the management that he/she provides.

Waibury Agricultural Investments provides positions for people wishing to enter the dairy industry with the aim of becoming Equity Managers. Training and support at all levels of capability are part of the philosophy of the Group, so that staff have an opportunity to progress within the Group.