Tuesday, 23 July 2024

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Farm Profiles - Dairy Farming Investment New Zealand

The Waibury group owns and operates a number of dairy farm investments and grazing-support farms situated predominantly in the North Canterbury region of New Zealand.

The Dairy Farm Investments are set up to ensure best practice Dairy Farm Management can be carried out by the respective equity manager on any particular investment farm.

Capital investment on farms is ultimately determined by cost benefit scenarios, this has seen a strategic shift to centre pivot irrigation where practicable. The investment farms whilst set up uniquely still follow the best traditional dairy farming concepts. This being the key to Waibury Agricultural Investments performance is to maximise grass growth and utilisation. As such most farms run a balanced farming system with strategic supplementary feed being introduced to ensure cow performance is optimised.

Waibury’s North Canterbury properties are seen as flagship investment farms and are clearly identifiable in the district for the quality of improvements and farm performance.

The equity managers are a crucial component to on farm viability and performance. They provide stability to an investment farms performance as long term management stability allows ongoing knowledge and improvement.

All investment farms are established and operated to ensure that they perform at a sustainable level and meet all local and national regulations that are currently in place. The compliance aspect of Dairy farming is considered crucial to Waibury Agricultural Investments.

To view the dairy farm management practices and descriptions for each of our dairy farming investments in New Zealand please click on a farm name to the left.