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Fenland Farm

Farm Description

Philip and JJ Gudopp joined Waibury as off-farm investors in 2003. In 2004, their status changed to on-farm investor when they took up the operation of the Westhaven part of the Westhaven/Stonehaven farm. Previously the Gudopps sharemilked 720 cows at Iniskellan Farm at Culverden for five years.

Productivity for the 2004/05 season on Westhaven itself was 279,000 kgMS from 241 effective hectares. During the 2004/05 season 85 hectares of Westhaven was regrassed.

Philip operates a well-balanced farming cost system based on the good of the cow and has always been able to produce a superior quantity of milk solids on a per cow basis. The Gudopps are well regarded in the dairy farming industry and their abilities as farmers are a valuable asset to Waibury Farms Limited.

Philip and JJ Gudopp moved onto Fenland farm at the start of the 2005/06 income year and have now achieved record production of 454,443 kgMS.

Aaron and Tammy Bunt have been Managers on Fenland for Philip and JJ for 7 years and in 2013 purchased shares in this farming operation with the desire to operate their own farm for Waibury in the near future.

During the 2014/15, 15/16 season Fenland was effectively converted from Border Dyke irrigation to a fully pivoted spray irrigated operation where we picked up over 40 ha of effective land.

Whilst completing this we gave the dairy shed a makeover and also installed a new twin saucer Plucks effluent system and a second line on the pivot to spread the wastewater.

This farm is looking extremely smart and is producing the goods and will be an interesting property to monitor over the next few years as to where production gets to.

From 1 June 2018 Philip and JJ moved off the farm and allowed Aaron and Tammy Bunt to take the helm.  They have been an integral part of the Fenland team and now have the opportunity to stamp their mark on Fenland.

Farm Information
Total ha: 358
Shares held: 480,806
Cows to calve: 1180
Irrigation: Pivot Spray (5)94%
Sprinklers 6%
Dairy Shed: 60 Rotary
Modern Houses: 2
Other Houses: 4
Production History


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