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Mindel Farm

Farm Description

Mindel (and Willowbank) was purchased from Tasman Agriculture in 2001. Contract milkers ran this property for 2 subsequent seasons, and improvements over this time included transformation from a borderdyke farm producing 178,000 kgMS to a centre pivoted dairy unit producing 229,000 kgMS. Mindel has now been completely re-grassed and benefits from a significant increase in pasture utilisation.

Mindel has a wagon wheel paddock and race system and through the use of GPS, all paddocks are of even size which makes management of the property extremely effective. A new manager’s house was completed in the spring of 2008, to finish the development of Mindel.

At the start of 2006/07 season Aaron and Janine Booth began contract milking on Mindel for Waibury. They had a good first season having operated a farm more than double the size that they were experienced with. For the following season they were offered and decided to take up the opportunity to become equity operators. Under their committed management Mindel achieved 387,218 kgMS in 09-10 season, and 381,327 kgMS in 10-11 season.

Over the last two season Arron and Janine and the Mindel team have lifted production to just over 412,000 and around 500 plus kgMs per cow which they are very proud of and keeping in mind this is a Heringbone shed with no in shed feeding.

Mindel always looks like a show farm and the stock are regurlary show winners. Well done people!!


Farm Information
Total ha: 256
Shares held: 396,898
Cows to calve: 870
Irrigation: Pivot Spray (1) 93%
Sprinklers 7%
Dairy Shed: 50 HB
Modern Houses: 4
Other Houses: 1
Production History


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