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Redpost Farm

Farm Description

Graeme and Christine Cooke have been involved with Waibury since its inception in 2000. Prior to moving to the South Island to operate Dalry farm (one of Waibury’s original properties, since sold), Graeme and Christine sharemilked at Ohinewai in the Waikato.

After three seasons at Dalry, Graeme and Christine had increased productivity through improved irrigation, new grass and good management from 126,000 kgMS to 236,000 kgMS.

In 2003/04 season the Cookes moved onto Redpost farm. During that season they converted Redpost from a herringbone milking platform operation with a border-dyke irrigation system, to a modern, completely regrassed, centre pivoted property with a 50 bail rotary milking platform. Production has subsequently lifted from 171,000 kgMS to 415,460 KgMS in the 2010/11 season. This property has reached its potential.

Graeme and Christine Cooke pride themselves on their quality livestock and an extremely well run dairy unit.

At the start of the 2008/09 season, farm managers Martin and Rachel Hickey purchased a shareholding in Redpost Farm Ltd on which they had been working for one season. This enabled the Cookes to invest in and operate two dairy support blocks: Waitanui and Cairnbrae. The Cookes have overseen the development of Waitanui into a dairy farm in the 10-11 season.

At the end pf 2010/11 season Martin and Rachael Hickey took up the position of Equity Managers on Willowbank

At the end of May 2015 the Cookes decided to hang up the gumboots and handed the reins to the new equity partners Andy Carr and Rachelle Gill that started at Redpost  June 1st 2015 and thier first season was a cracker producing over 417,000 MS at around 475 kg per cow.

Well done you guys and your team on an awesome result for your first year of operations at Redpost. We completed the final Accomadation here this year with a new 330 sq mtr Duplex of 2 self contained 2 bedrom units which the team are very happy with.

Graeme and Christine can be very proud of their time at Redpost and on the back of that the 16 years as equity operators in the Waibury Group.

While they have retired from the dairy operation they have converted thier shareholding to the Waibury cash investor group and are now significant shareholder's in the off farm group.

We wish them well with there future endevours and thanks for the way in which you cared for the operation and hope Graeme enjoys his new role as a member of the Waibury board of Directors.

 Redpost was sold at the end of the 2020/2021 dairy season.

Farm Information
Total ha: 243
Shares held: 425,847
Cows to calve: 870
Irrigation: Pivot Spray (2) 86%
Fixed Grid Sprinklers 14%
Dairy Shed: 50 Rotary
Modern Houses: 4
Other Houses: 1
Production History


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