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Farm Description

A 275 ha dairy farm near the Waiau River and irrigated by 3 centre pivots from the Waiau Scheme. This property is part owned by Graeme and Christine Cooke of Redpost who very able managed the initial development and conversion of Waitanui. During the 2010-11 season they were joined by Simon Macadam and Leanne Petrie in equity ownership with the Waibury investors. Simon and Leanne became the on-farm operators after Waitanui was converted to dairy operation to during the spring of 2010. The property supplied milk form 23rd October 2010, and produced a very creditable 280,840 kgMS in that first part-season. This production exceed budget by 30,000 kgMS.

This farm made its first supply to Fonterra on 23 October 2010.

Farm Information
Total ha: 275
Shares held: 412,542
Cows to calve: 940
Irrigation: Pivot Spray (4) 94%
Sprinklers 6%
Dairy Shed: 60 Bail Rotary, Protrack, Cup removers
Modern Houses: 5
Production History


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