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Westhaven / Stonehaven Farm

Farm Description

Raymond and Tania Jones moved at the start of the 2005/06 season to operate this property after five years at Fenland farm (both in the capacity as contract milkers and equity operators). Whilst at Fenland, the Jones increased production from 337,000 kgMS to 395,000 kgMS.

Under the Jones’ management, Fenland produced an extremely high level of kgMS per hectare and is a trend continued on the Westhaven and Stonehaven properties. The Jones are meticulous in their record keeping. This has allowed them to identify where improvements can be made and has allowed them to manage the property effectively.

Raymond and Tania moved to Westhaven / Stonehaven to pursue a new challenge. Westhaven/ Stonehaven is now a 1,690 cow operation with two 50 bail rotary milking platforms and produced 731,331 kgMS in the 2010/11 season.

In the 2015 season another small pivot was added to eliminate the last of the Border Dyke irrigation at Westhaven.

In 2015 the farm is fully developed, and this season produced it's best ever production of just over 761,000 kgMS with less inputs than the previous seasons.

Raymond and Tania continue to run a streamlined operation and return brilliant results year on year, Thanks to you and your crew.

For the 2018/19 season Raymond and Tania have moved off farm and allowed the step up of Nathan and Courtney Absalom to run the operation and take it to the next level and they have certainly done that achieving 771,210 kgMS.

From 1 June 2019 has seen the introduction of Simon and Sheena Van der Heyden as Equity Managers at Westhaven.


Simon, Sheena and family purchased the Westhaven and Stonehaven operation in its entirety at the end of the 2021/2022 dairy season. 

Farm Information
Total ha: 496
Shares held: 762,775
Cows to calve: 1690
Irrigation: Pivot Spray (5) 93%

Sprinklers 7%
Dairy Shed: 50 Rotary
50 Rotary
Modern Houses: 4
Other Houses: 4
Production History


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