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Willowbank Farm

Farm Description

Steve Stachurski and Dianne Clarke became involved in Waibury in 2003, becoming operators of Willowbank. Previously, Steve and Dianne sharemilked on a 148 hectare farm producing 168,000 kgMS.

Productivity has increased since 2003, from 221,00 kgMS to a record production of 323,882 kgMS  in 2007/08 season.

An integral part of the increase in production of Willowbank has been due to Steve and Dianne’s attention to detail. This is illustrated by the fact that not only has the farm’s production increased substantially, and the property as a whole is immaculately presented.

At the start of the 2008/09 season Steve and Dianne shifted to the newly purchased Windale Farm in which they had taken a shareholding.

On 1st June 2011 Martin and Rachael Hickey moved from Redpost to take up the position of Equity Managers of Willowbank. They came to the property having had management experience at Redpost, and in recognition of that, they have earned a position with greater responsibility within the Waibury Group.

In 2013 the decission was made to replace the last 60 ha of border dyke with apivot that also replaced one of the 2 roto rainer irrigators.

The Southern end of Willowbank is now irrigated by a 600 mtr long pivot with a corner walker and about 11 ha single shift sprinklers .this also involved redesigning the fencing to a wedge type race system which now has the cows walking a maximum of 650mtrs at that end of the property and we also replced the stock water system.

The effulenet system was also upgrade to a pluck Rotary screen and the wash is sprayed ut through a seperate line on the pivot.

Martin and Rachel and the team continue to do a stella job at Willowbank and production has reached over 385,000 milksoilds with low inputs and very good incalf rates.

Farm Information
Total ha: 275
Shares held: 359,740
Cows to calve: 860
Irrigation: Pivot Spray (1) 50%
Rotorainers (1) 33%
Sprinklers 17%
Dairy Shed: 50 HB
Modern Houses: 3
Other Houses: 2
Production History


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