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Windale Farm

Farm Description

Windale farm was purchased for the second time by the Waibury Group in June 2008. The property had originally been part of the stable but had been sold to the equity operator in 2005.

Husband and wife team, Steve Stachurski and Dianne Clarke moved to Windale in June 2008, and though their experienced, cost-effective management system achieved productivity gains immediately. Milk production increased to reach record production of 416,011 kgMS in the 2009/10 season.

Steve and Dianne continue at Windale having consolidated their equity share to Windale on 1st June 2011.

Windale is strategically located between the two Waibury properties of Redpost and Fenland.

From 1 June 2015 Steve and Dianne have moved off the farm which allowed for a change of guard with Ben and Wendy Croft becoming the new Equity Managers.

Farm Information
Total ha: 263
Shares held: 441,407
Cows to calve: 940
Irrigation: Pivot Spray (3) 63%
Sprinklers 11%
Rotorainer (1) 26%
Dairy Shed: 50 Rotary
Modern Houses: 2
Other Houses: 2
Production History


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